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Are Liquid Vitamins Really That Good For You?

In the past, vitamins have been available in a dizzying array of multi-colored tablets and capsules. Nowadays, these little round or bullet-shaped miracle drugs have had to make way on pharmacy and nutrition middle shelves for his or her liquid counterparts.One of many essential benefits of getting your vitamin supplements in liquid form is the absorption rate. Various studies point out that the rate of absorption of liquid supplements can run as high as ninety eight percent. In different [...]


Liquid Collagen Complement – Fantasy Or Reality?

Blame it on the coalition of hyperactive media and cosmetic companies that have created a hype of liquid collagen supplement in the market.With the growing awareness, people are aware of the fact the collagen is required to eliminate wrinkles, and achieve a soft and smooth skin. Nevertheless, this is just half the knowledge, individuals are not aware that the collagen production and absorption in the body is a very intricate process and we humans do not have any technology [...]