Assos LobsterShell glove 851


Assos LobsterShell glove 851

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The Assos lobsterShell 851 Gloves are the mother-of-all hand protection for nasty, brutish days where riding outside is just a godawful idea. However, you still have to ride lest you feel weak, girlish, or flawed in your training. The rational side of you knows that obsessiveness about training is a liability to fitness, not an asset, but you’re gonna ride outdoors nevertheless. We raise our mugs of hot chocolate to you.The lobsterShell 851 was specifically designed to be worn over the earlyWinter 851 gloves. Together, they offer supreme protection from the penetration of cold air. And by mating them together in the manner of the Assos Layering System (ALS), it allows a warm layer of air to circulate between the earlyWinter and the lobsterShell. Like the earlyWinter, the lobsterShell glove shape is articulated to mirror the shape of your hand when it’s grasping the handlebar. With your hands at your sides — fingers outstretched — they don’t feel like other gloves. But, make a fist, and it’s magical. And if you want Assos’ most comprehensive hand protection, you’ll wear the innerGlove beneath the lobsterShell and earlyWinter. With this three-part ALS solution, if your hands still complain of cold, there’s no salvation for them — no other glove (or glove combination) on the market offers such thoroughgoing protection from the wind, cold, and wet. The four-way stretch, 851 material is used so liberally that the lobsterShell is both waterproof and windproof.

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