Live Happy, Life Free, Live Life- 7 Health benefits of Cycling

Live Happy, Life Free, Live Life- 7 Health benefits of Cycling

Live Happy, Life Free, Live Life- 7 Health benefits of Cycling

Cycling can be a fun thing to do but it can also change your entire life. As is to be expected, any exercise is better than no exercise at all, but riding a bicycle is a completely different story.
Cycling doesn’t just help your body mentally and physically, but helps with so many other things, including finding inner peace and if nothing else give you a journey like no car would ever be able to give you… Here are some awesome benefits that will hopefully inspire you to join one of the world most amazing hobbies, nay, passions, nay, lifestyles…

  1. How cycling helps Mentally
  2. Weight loss
  3. Improved cardiovascular
  4. Muscle building and Energy increase
  5. Bones and Joints
  6. Reduce signs of Aging
  7. Better sleep



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How cycling helps Mentally

The are several different ways to boost your mind. Cycling can help build new brain cells in the hippo-campus “the fragment responsible for memory, which depreciates from the age of 30”. They are so many other benefits cycling offers not just mentally but as we all know even physically. Exercise boosts brainpower for everyone at any age even kids, it helps them control issues like attention deficit disorder (ADD-ADHD). Cycling releases endorphins, commonly known as the feel-good chemicals as it similar in effect to morphine and helps sparkle up your gray matter. A flow of blood and oxygen to the brain can be boosted by cycling which ardors and regenerates receptors.

Have you sometimes wondered why cyclist have so much confidence? Wonder no more because you can also improve your confidence simply by just achieving new things, which could be anything from breaking a record you set for yourself, competing a sportive, joining a cycling club or getting closer to that goal. Cycling helps with conditions such as anxiety, depression, and stress. Riding alone helps reduce your stress level because it gives your time to process worries and concerns, but riding with a group broadens your social circle, builds trust, friendship and family.



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Weight Loss

Exercising on its own as we all know does not do much in weight loss but when you eat well then, the result should be felt. Cycling is a good form to reduce weight, it burns calories between 400 and 1000 an hour, this all depends on the intensity and the rider weight.

Cycling is one of the most comfortable forms of exercise. The calories you consume have an effect on the frequency of your refueling, as for the time you sleep, and with that, the amount of time you spend burning calories will be influenced by how much you spend riding your bicycle and how far you travel together with how much you enjoy the chosen activity.

Cycling burns fat, builds muscles and raises your metabolic rate. The intensity of cycling can be built up slow to suit you if you cycle half-hour every day you more likely to burn nearly five kilograms of fat over a year. Cycle builds muscle around the hamstring, quads, and the glutes and if we are being honest here, I cannot think of a better place to lose weight than free and in the openness of the world.



NorthCliff Cyles- Live Happy, Live Free, Life Life

Improved Cardiovascular

Cycling gets your heart high and your blood pumping all over your body, mainly because cycling is an aerobic activity, it can reduce your risk of getting heart disease by as much as 50 percent. People who cycle daily are less likely to develop high blood pressure as risk is reduced by as much as 31%

Cycling can reduce the number of deaths caused by heart attacks. An estimated number of around 10 000 heart attacks per year could be avoided by keeping in shape, general exercise reduces the risk of major illnesses including cancer and some lung causing illnesses. Cyclist faces lower pollution levels unlike drivers, pedestrian and a public commuter “taxis and bus”.  

Cardiovascular diseases include heart attack, high blood pressure, and stroke; Cycling can help strengthen your heart muscles and lowers your resting pulse. Cycling reduces the likelihood of developing bowel cancer, there is even the possibility that cycling can even reduce breast cancer and type 2 diabetes cases.



NorthCliff Cyles- Live Happy, Live Free, Life Life

Muscle building and Energy Increase

Cycling helps build up muscle strength like the glutes, quads and calf muscles even stamina, and overall endurance. The way you cycle will determine which part of your body you might want to exercise if you enjoy standing on the saddle then you will have your arms and shoulders all work-out well. The more muscle you have the easier it will be for you to burn fat for cycling makes use of all the major muscle groups as you pedal.

It can also be referred as a fun way to get in shape, taking into consideration that you get to go on an adventure which can be up and down hills and the being outdoor which means cycling can take part in most environments. A low impact exercise such as cycling causes less strain and injuries compared to most forms of exercising.



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Bones and Joints

Understanding the health effects for cycling for your bones is that cycling doesn’t help in any way with osteoporosis but it helps if you have osteoarthritis due to the fact that cycling is a low-impact exercise so it is fairly easy on the joints.

When cycling the majority of your height is on the hips, meaning that since cycling strengthens the muscles around your knees it can help improve the knee joints since you will be cycling sitting down you will be putting less force and pressure on the joints. Not only osteoarthritis but it is also suggested to people with arthritis.



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Reduce signs of Ageing

Cycling protects your skin, helps to reduce the manifestation of wrinkles and protects you from other harmful effects such as UV radiation when equipped with the correct attire such as UPF. Mitochondrial capacity can be increased by high-intensity exercise, the greater the mitochondrial is an increase in rejuvenation.

Cycling helps protect your skin in different forms, the more circulation you get through the exercise the more nutrients and oxygen is delivered to your skin cells in that process it will be flushing out some harmful toxins out of your body. An ideal environment is created within your body to help you optimize collagen production.



NorthCliff Cyles- Live Happy, Live Free, Life Life

Better Sleep

Exercising helps your body to release some feel good hormones and reduces insomnia. People who suffer from insomnia are usually unfit which can correlate with insomnia for male and female. The ride may be tiring but a few minutes of cycling a day reduces the time to fall asleep by approximately half and increases the time you sleep for almost an hour.

Being fit and in sharp will have a higher possibility to a good night sleep since cycling reduces the anxiety and helps keep your weight down.



NorthCliff Cyles- Live Happy, Live Free, Life Life

When last did you ride your bicycle? Was it fun?

With all the amazing benefits that cycling has to offer should we not allocate more time to this amazing mode of transport, exercise machine, hobby and way of life?
Age doesn’t matter, weight doesn’t either- all that matters is finding your passion and having fun- Let cycling become your passion- pick up a cycle today and live happy, live free, live life.  


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